For those seeking adventure, paragliding is a safe, unforgettable activity. The Sense of freedom, magical images, relaxation, joy, putting a smile on your face, this is the quintessence of flying.

Tandem flights


13879398_10208737893977847_628892599143043723_nFor those who do not have the spare time to undertake the necessary lessons for being able to fly on their own, tandem flight can be the ideal option, to fly and to experience paragliding. Tandem flight does not require previous experience. A brief introduction at the take-off area, some basic steps with the instructor and the flight can take place. During flying thee is not much you need to do other than sit comfortable and enjoy this unique experience.

During flight time we record your experience in high definition.

Flight Areas

A flight over Aspraggeloi looks like an experience plucked from the fairy tales. This uniquely situated mountain village is built at 1.000 meters altitude situated in the green slops of Mitsikeli Moutain. Indulge yourself into a flight with an experienced flight instructor over magical sceneries with a unique view and experience the utter sense of freedom.

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Live the unique experience of flying over Dikorfo, a mountain village in Zagorochoria of Epirus. Let yourself fly in in the midst of a natural environment within the abundance of the forest. An essential winter destination, at first glance an unthinkable place to be until you really see it from above. Breathtaking images that will never be forgotten.

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Fancy seeing the scenic town of Ioannina from another perspective? Come and join us for a totally different tour over the air, and bask at the beauty of the city. The little islet in the middle of the lake Pamvotida, the dinkies, the castle and the town as a whole will steal your heart when seen from above. A picture is a thousand words. A dream comes true when you are flying. Take off takes place from the village of Ligiades which is just a few minutes away from the city of Ioannina. Ligiades is also situated on the Mitsikeli mountain which heights over the town of Ioannina. Indulge yourself into a flight full of sights and smells from the city and the natural surroundings. A juxtaposition of the city and the mountain. Come and fly with us.

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Who could pass up the chance to fly over Konitsa? A very special flight and an unforgettable experience at the same time. Konitsa is a town belonging to the prefecture  of Ioannina featuring a natural wealth overlooking the plain where the Aoos rivers meets the river of Voidomatis.  A dazzling view combining the Pindos sierra with the rivers. Join us for a flight and let enter into another world.

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Fancy escaping from your everyday life? You have the chance to enjoy the beautiful view basking at the plain of Arta and the Chanopoulos baths. Come with us and discover the hidden beauties of these areas and let yourself go in the experience that will take your adrenaline levels to the limit.

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Take off and Fly away from beach of Vrachos of Preveza. Join us into an aerial adventure in the midst of  an imposing natural colour palette and sceneries  like nothing else you have ever seen. In front of you unravels the Ionian sea and a vast coast. Share with your beloved ones  a liberating and refreshing experience like nothing else. Wave at your friends  at the beach from above, let your senses free and feel the magic overwhelm you.

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Do you like magical landscapes and feel like escaping in activities like paragliding? Plataria will be such a destination for you being one of the most picturesque villages of the prefecture of Thesprotia. There you will have the chance of paragliding and to live this unique experience. The central marina with the myriads of boats and sailboats, the transparent crystal waters will blow your senses right away. Fly like a bird in the sky.

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Kathisma is one of the most beautiful coasts of Greece. An absolute sense of freedom and utter adrenaline levels. Insurmountable colours, a deep blue sea, a blue sky, the sun is shining and you lose yourself in nature’s splendor within a feast of colours. This will simply be a take-off to another dimension and when you land you will not be able to take that smile off your face. Say hello from above to your friends and live unforgettable moments at sea and at the mountains.

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Purchase a tandem flight gift voucher and gift it one of your beloved friends. It is a unique and special present. Give him/her the chance to fly with a tandem  paraglide. The gift voucher is valid for 4 months after the issue date.


This depends on the weather conditions. A flight can last from 8 upto 20 minutes

There is no previous experience required. The pilot will undertake guidance from the moment of take-off without further action required from your side.

With the paragliding tandem a person between 25 and 120 kilos is eligible for flying

Closed type of hiking shoes or sport shoes and warm relaxed clothes

At the take-off site the pilot will help you to wear a helmet and get seated. He will give you a brief tutorial on what you should do during take-off. After that he will fasten you on him and the right moment will lift the wing and ask you to run for a few meters. After that short moment you will be airborne and will enjoy the flight.


School Manager  Stavros Kostulas

Languages :  Greek, English, German

Paragliding  instruktor of Hellenic airsports federation

Paragliding instruktor of  APPI

He has started paragliding from 1994

Founder of FLY & FUN from 1998

Introducer to seminars of Airclubs since 2005

Elaboration and publication of technical articles on paragliding at Internet since 2005

Participant examinator of pilots concerning the issue of degrees since 2006

Host in the paragliding training school since 2013

Organiser and a leader of the Hellenic nationwide since 1996

Organiser of airathletic festivals since 2001

Co-founder member of the airclubs and airathletic unions of:Arta city 1995,Epirus 2001,Ioannina city 2011

Host in the TEDx University of Ioannina city in 2016

Attending DHV training for Tandem & Instructor 2018

Examiner on an APPI workshop for professionals tandem pilots 2019

Certified from  university of Thessaly as animator for tourist outdoor activities 2020

Member of Paragliding committee member for the Hellenic association of tourism enterprises in outdoor activities since 2021

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